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OnClick PopUnder Ads
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Let us introduce you one of the most effective ways to monetize your traffic - an Onclick PopUnder Ad! This ad type appears when a user clicks anywhere on the page, it appears in a new browser tab hidden under the main page the user is viewing.

We recommend that you try this format as it's based on CPM model - the most profitable ad solution. CPM rates for Onclick are significantly higher than traditional display ads and help publishers get up to 200% more revenue from their audience.

Let’s review the benefits which you get as a Publisher from the Popunder ads:

  • Dynamic CPM Rates

The rates are fully dynamic and different for each website and depend on the kind of your traffic, geo, traffic conversion rate and a few more parameters. We offer the highest international traffic coverage which would help you earn as much as possible.

  • More ad spaces

Onclick doesn’t affect your current banner inventory and website design because ad space is not required. If you would like to increase your profits, you can also try our Smartlink/Direct ads and implement an additional Onclick ad in your own banner, image or text.

  • Mobile traffic monetization included

Our Onclick Popunder ads work on most mobile devices, which gives you 100% monetization of your traffic without additional efforts.

  • Easy to integrate

Just paste a simple ad script in the source code below the <body> tag and start your earning.

  • Clean ads

Monetag is serious about our publisher's property and what kind of ads to display on your sites. We never accept suggestive or malicious content from our advertisers.

Join Monetag and try out the onclick ad format!

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