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Interstitial Ads
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You can easily monetize your web traffic with our Interstitial Ads.

Interstitial ads are one of our top performing ad units, generating the highest eCPMs across all GEOs and mobile devices. Interstitials grab users’ attention and maintain high click-through and conversion rates. You don’t need a mobile app or even a website optimized for mobile. But if you are a developer and you have your own app, you can monetize your traffic via webview.

Interstitial ad appears with a several seconds delay after user loads the page. The user has a choice to either tap on the ad and see the offer or close it and return to the webpage he was viewing.

Please note that the desired delay could be set upon request. Feel free to contact our Support Team if you need any assistance.

Take a look at the samples of such ads:

For Interstitial ads we pay by CPM but the performance of your traffic also matters (users actions, downloads, installs). eCPM rates are 3 times higher in comparison with traditional banners for mobile visitors.

Let us sum up and highlight the benefits of Interstitial ads for Publishers:

  • Full ad coverage across all mobile devices, OS and GEOs

  • Our ads are compatible with other platforms and services

  • Only quality and brand-safe ads on your website

  • Easy to integrate ad scripts

  • Interstitials are compatible with websites that are not mobile-optimized

For best performance, place the Interstitial Ad code right below the <body> tag on all your website pages.

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