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Direct Link (Smartlink)
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Please take a look at our universal ad solution which is called a Direct Link (also known as "Direct"). It is probably the most flexible traffic monetization solution that you can choose when working with Monetag.

This ad format gives you the easiest way to send and sell traffic to Monetag. You can also monetize your traffic with our Direct links using your own AD tools.

Our feed consists of thousands of different landing pages and offers so we pick the most profitable offers for each ad channel. Our optimizing team is always working on your website seeking for the best fitting ads to increase your rates.

You can take Direct Link from your personal account (Sites -> Add Site -> Create direct link).
The area to place your Direct link within is up to you to choose. It can be any particular element on your site (an active button, a text, a picture etc.).

As a publisher, you’ll quickly see the advantages of the Direct ad format:

  • the link could be used with your own banners, buttons or text

  • unlimited amount of links to be shared on one page

  • no need to manually sort out and test offers

It’s really important to understand where you allocate our Direct ad solution. It’s strongly recommended to integrate it on the most clickable spot getting maximum amount of impressions accordingly.

Monetag accepts and monetizes not only traffic from Tier-1 countries like US or GB but also traffic from Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and others.

Here are a couple of examples of how a Direct link works:

HTML codes which you can use for above examples:

<a href="//" target="_blank">Download Free Games</a>

<a href="//" target="_blank"><img src="/download.gif" alt="Download Free Game" /></a>

If you want the ads to be triggered when a user clicks on a certain area of the page or a download button, like in the example above, you can use this javascript code (please, modify it to fit your needs):

<script type="text/javascript">
function open_win() {"//", "ad");
<a href="<your-target-link-here>" target="_blank" onclick="open_win()"><img src="/download.gif" alt="Download Free Game" /></a>

a more advanced version would look like this:

var els = document.querySelectorAll(".enter_a_css_here");
var smart_link = "http://enter-a-smart-link-here";
for (var i = 0; i < els.length; i++) {
els[i].onclick = function() {, "ad"); };

In case of any questions please contact our Support team via

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