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Multitag (all-in-one)
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Monetization process became a lot easier with our Multitag!

Now you can create 5 tags of different ad formats with just 1 click!

All you need to do is to grab new ad code, insert one ad tag in the source code of your website and you’re ready to go!

MultiTag consists of 5 ad formats:

- Onclick

- Push Notifications

- Interstitial

- In-Page Push

- Vignette Banner

All these ad formats work perfectly together and give you another opportunity to generate the highest possible revenue while still ensuring a great experience for users.

This is how the process of getting the tag will look like in the personal account:

  1. Choose MultiTag zone:

2. Name the tag (you can use the default name or create your own one).

3. Copy the code and insert it into your site’s source code (below the <body> tag). If you're using https, you should also download an sw.js file for correct work. Upload it to the root directory of your website and earn up to 25% more!

4. All 5 ad formats will become available for your website!

Please note that these zones will have different IDs but one name and all of them will be marked with a ‘MULTI’ property sign.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our support team via

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