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Can I use Monetag with AdSense on the same page? Is it safe?
Can I use Monetag with AdSense on the same page? Is it safe?
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If you are wondering whether it is possible to use Monetag with Adsense - the answer is YES. Adsense is okay with other networks - they have mentioned that in their guidelines. Adding a Monetag code to a website already integrated with AdSense is possible.

Most Monetag ad formats are compatible with AdSense, meaning there are almost no limitations regarding the type of ads you can run. OnClick ad format has some peculiarities: according to Adsense's ad placement policies, publishers cannot place Google ads on sites with more than three pop-ups. If pop-ups are displayed on a site, they may not interfere with site navigation, change user preferences, initiate downloads, or distribute viruses.

Publishers cannot place Google ads on sites that contain or trigger pop-unders.

AdSense and Monetag work differently:

  • AdSense analyses the written content and keywords on your website to target audiences.

  • Monetag uses GEO, interests, and gender-based targeting.

Two approaches are complementary, so adding Monetag to the AdSense solution can boost impressions and clicks on the website more engagingly and help increase profits.

Use the best solutions of both networks, keep the number of ads to a reasonable amount, and don't add more ads than content to the website, and success will not take long to come!

Are you already eager to start? Please refer to the "How to get started as a Publisher?" manuals and start monetizing your traffic with ease.

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