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Instructions for WordPress. How do I install Push Notifications on a WordPress-based site?
Instructions for WordPress. How do I install Push Notifications on a WordPress-based site?
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Currently, you have two options (please select one of them)


1. How do I install Push Notifications ad code using Official Plugin?

  1. Go to the Sites section in your Monetag account, choose your WordPress-based website then click on the "Add zone" button. Select Push Notifications then click on the 'Get tag' button.

2. Install and activate the Monetag Official Plugin. You can also do that from your WordPress admin area.

Once the plugin is installed you need to click the Activate button.

3. Click the Check verification button to link your website with plugin and start working with ad formats.

All your ad zones will be loaded automatically and can be found inside the plugin grouped by ad format type (in the dropdown menu).

4. Choose a Push Notification ad format by clicking "+Add format" and use the Zone created before (the list of available zones will be given in the dropdown menu) or create a new one by clicking a "Create new" button.

That’s it. No coding. The ad will be shown on your website automatically.

To disable ads, you can simply switch off this toggle:

2. How do I install Push Notification code without using a Plugin?

  1. Go to the Sites section, select your website or add a new one.

  2. You will need to create a new ad channel zone by clicking the Create zone button accordingly.

  3. Choose a Push Notification and click on 'Get tag'. Make sure that HTTP site option is ticked below if you do not have an access to the Root directory of your website.

4. Log into your WordPress Dashboard. Go to the Appearance section then choose Editor.

5. From the Theme Files in the right column you have to choose Theme Header (header.php) file, then paste Monetag validation tag to the editor below the <head> tag.

You will also need to download the sw.js file to the root directory of your site if you have created an ad channel for a HTTPS-based website.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please send us a message at

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