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How can I change my payment method?
How can I change my payment method?
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You can change your payment method anytime in the “Payment methods” section.

If you have set a payment method, it will be shown as Default. Once you add a new method of payment the previous one could be deleted or disabled by you accordingly.

We provide the following payment methods: Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, WIRE, Webmoney Z, and others.

*** Please note that after you add PayPal as a new payment method and set it as the default, we will send a test withdrawal of $5 to your account. This is necessary so that we can verify the withdrawal payment method.

Payment methods depend on the country indicated in your account information (some payment methods may not work in some countries for reasons not related to us). You will see all available payment methods in your account.

Please refer to our “Which payment method shall I choose?” article for more information.

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