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In-page Push notifications (IPP)
In-page Push notifications (IPP)
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In-Page Push (IPP) is a type of ad that looks similar to the the classic Push Notification

but unlike classic Push, In-Page Push ads are displayed directly on the publisher's site.

In-Page Push does not require subscriptions.

It is displayed on the website as a banner, fits in the page content and works for all platforms, including iOS.

Website visitor will see a simple text (with a Title and Description) and an icon which will be generated from our advertising feed. After tapping the notification a user will be redirected to the Advertiser's landing page, application or ad offer.
Usually a notification is placed in the upper right corner of the site for desktop computers and at the top for mobile devices, but its location can be changed upon publisher's request.

How to create an ad tag?

The integration process is very simple. All you have to do is place the ad script below the <head> tag.

1) Choose an "In-Page Push (Banner)" zone type:

2) Copy the ad tag:

3) Insert the tag in the header of the site's source code:

That's it!

If you need any assistance in the setup process please contact us via

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