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Monetag Priority program
Monetag Priority program
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The Monetag Priority Program aims to support and build publishers' loyalty by providing rewards and ensuring all program members can enjoy our benefits.
In this article, we will describe what the Monetag Priority Program looks like and what publishers can get from it.

You won’t need to worry about taking additional steps to sign up for the Priority Program - the only thing you need to do is register an account on Monetag. After you start working, every 14 days, we check your account's earnings and assign the appropriate grade. Your benefits will automatically be applied after reaching each threshold.
There are four different priority levels, depending on the total earnings per specific time frame:

πŸ’Ž Green – total earnings for 14 days are from $0 to $280

πŸ’Ž Silver – total earnings for 14 days are from $280 to $1400

πŸ’Ž Gold – total earnings for 14 days are from $1400 to $7000

πŸ’Ž Platinum – total earnings for 14 days are from $7000+
To check out which category you’re in, log in to your Monetag account, click on the top right corner on the Profile icon, and you will see your current level in the Priority program.

You can also check your level on the Priority Program tab.

Benefits and Advantages

Our team has developed a variety of rewards that may improve the ad performance on the websites and overall profitability.
Below is a chart explaining the benefits available for the distinct grades in the Monetag loyalty program. This chart can be found in the Monetag account under the "Priority Program" tab.

Each level has a sub-list of features you can use once you unlock every new grade.
Below is a short list of the advantages that are growing as the publisher's level increases:

  • Payment holds become shorter

  • Payments by request become available

  • A higher level opens access to a dedicated account manager

  • An opportunity to contact the support team 24/7 via live chat in the personal account

  • Access to the custom Monetag API will be opened

One of the objectives of our priority program is to support all active users so that there are different downtime periods for each level. Monetag checks the status of your earnings every two weeks, so we consider the previous 14 days, but some levels have their grace periods:

  • Silver status will be kept if the sum paid for 14 days exceeds $280.

  • The publisher will keep the Gold status if the sum paid for the previous 28 days is more than $1400.

  • Platinum – this status will be kept as it is if the sum paid for the previous 42 days is more than $7000

Monetag is constantly working on identifying new features that improve the performance of our publishers, so we’ll gradually add more benefits.

If you have questions about the Monetag Priority Program, contact our Support Team via

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