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Many of our partners requested us to create an ad type that would combine benefits of native formats and performance level of such flagship ads like onclick and push notifications. So, here it is – meet the Vignette Banner!

Vignette Banner is a small native banner that appears when users visit your website. The ad is located in the center of the page, on top of the grey overlay. It contains of the icon, title and description, as well as “Close” and “Continue” (CTA) buttons.

Vignette Banner has something in common with Interstitial and In-Page Push, and it’s not only about the appearance but also about high CTR and performance. This ad format will be displayed only when users get on your website, and they will not receive notifications if they have left the page.

This is how the Vignette Banner might look like on the screen:

Ready to try this fresh ad format? Then feel free to take a look how you can get an ad tag and start working!

1. If you’re new to Monetag please sign up here:

2. Add and verify your website. This manual will guide you through the process.

3. Once the website is verified you need to create an ad tag by clicking on the “Add zone” button.

4. Choose the Vignette Banner ad type. Click on the “Get tag” button:

5. You may also enable an Anti-Adblock solution to bypass ad blocking software and increase your revenue by 25%:

6. Insert the code into the header of your website (between <head> and </head> tags).

7. That’s it! The ad will be shown on your website and you’ll be ready to receive all benefits of this ad format.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via

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