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Push Notifications is an ad format that can be a great source of income for all types of websites, especially if you are not using Onclick for some reason.

How does it actually work?

A Push Notification is a small pop-up window that appears in a web browser or on a mobile device. Your visitors will receive an opt-in request in their browser when they come to your website.

Once your visitors subscribe, the website can send them clickable push notifications - even when a user is not actually on the website.

On mobile, it looks just like a regular app or system notification. Your visitor will see a simple text (with a Title and Description) and an icon which will be generated from our Advertising feed. After tapping the notification, the user would be redirected to the Advertiser's landing page, application or ad offer. Push Notifications are non-intrusive and frequency caps can be set to as low as 1/24 - which makes it even easier to increase your profit over other ad formats.

In order to get paid it is crucial for your visitors to allow Push Notifications and they will start to receive push notifications on their device (desktop or mobile).

How to create an ad tag?

The integration process is very simple. Get the tag for your site and place it below the <head> tag in the source code.

If you have a Blogspot / Blogger based website, click here and follow the steps in the manual.
If you have a WordPress based website, click here and follow the steps in the manual.

Why should I use it?

Push Notifications are very user-friendly and have a wide reach across internet users. You can create and run a Push Notification ad script on your website with ease. The push notifications technology is efficient and it is used even by Google services. You can also use such ad format in the mix with other ads in order to receive higher profit and CPM rates. Let us highlight the perks of Push Notification:

  • Long-term monetization solution

  • No space on site needed

  • Easy integration process

  • User-friendly ad format

Need a helping hand with installation? Feel free to reach out to us via

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